After four months code refactoring, we released the first stable version of Beego. We did a lot of refactoring and improved a lot in detail. Here is the list of the main improvements:

  1. Modular design. Right now Beego is a light weight assembling framework with eight powerful stand alone modules including cache, config, logs, sessions, httplibs, toolbox, orm and context. It might have more in the future. You can use all of these stand alone modules in your other applications directly no matter it’s web applications or any other applications such as web games and mobile games.

  2. Supervisor module. In the real world engineering, after the deployment of the application, we need to do many kinds of statistics and analytics for the application such as QPS statistics, GC analytics, memory and CPU monitoring and so on. When the live issue happends we also want to debug and profile our application on live. All of these real world engineering features are included in Beego. You can enable the supervisor module in Beego and visit it from default port 8088.

  3. Detailed document. We rewritten all the document. We improved the document based on many advices from the users. To make it communicate easier for different language speakers, now the comments of the document in each language are separated.

  4. Demos. We provided three examples, chat room, url shortener and todo list. You can understand and use Beego easier and faster by learning the demos.

  5. Redesigned Beego website. Nice people from Beego community helped Beego for logo design and website design.

  6. More and more users. We listed our typical users in our homepage. They are all big companies and they are using Beego for their products already. Beego already tested by those live applications.

  7. Growing active communities. There are more than 390 issues on github, more than 36 contributors and more than 700 commits. Google groups is also growing.

  8. More and more applications in Beego. There are some open source applications as well. E.g.: CMS system: and admin system:

  9. Powerful assistance tools. bee is used to assist the development of Beego applications. It can create, compile, package the Beego application easily.

Welcome to the real world engineering. Enjoy the development with Beego. Please fork Beego or join the community on github. The great framework made by it’s user!

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